Baby Massage

Nurturing your baby emotionally, physically and mentally becomes one of your top priorities when becoming a parent.

By incorporating touch therapy into your baby’s daily routine you are able to express your feelings of love through this precious skin-to-skin connection.

Beyond the physical massage strokes and techniques you are able to hold your baby with physical touch and such a nurturing and loving intention.

Benefits of incorporating massage into your child’s routine includes:

Improves sleep and regulates sleep patterns
Enhances emotions and improves mood
Improves wind, reflux and constipation
Relives sinus and chest congestion
Enhances co-ordination
Reduces stress hormone levels in children and their parents
Ideal for pre-term babies

Our baby massage courses are designed to be friendly, stress free, inclusive and always taught with an open heart. Run over a 4 week period, you will attend a weekly face-to-face class (1 hour) and be part of a private Facebook group to keep in contact and ask question through out your non-contact time of the course. Our step-by-step approach allows you to learn techniques for most parts of the body and then incorporate what feels best for you and your baby during your massage time at home.

You will learn hands on massage techniques, stretches and exercises to incorporate into your child’s play routine or tummy time, appropriate oils to use, the best time to massage and sooo much more!

Groups are kept to a maximum of 6 babies to ensure you and your baby can receive some one-on-one attention.

“Learning the baby massage techniques created a new bonding experience with my daughter”

— Brooke, Mother and Doula

“BEST baby investment EVER! It’s such a great bonding time & knowing you’re doing the best you can for your bubs is so rewarding!”

— Steff, Mother (9 week old)

Course fees and inclusions:

  • $150 (Private Health insurance rebate may be available)
  • 4 x 1 hour weekly group classes
  • Step by Step guide (handbook)
  • Massage oil of choice (Sesame, Sweet Almond or Sunflower)
  • 30 minute follow up phone consultations (within 6 weeks of completing course)
  • Tea & treats to nibble on during class