Baby Massage Classes

Touch is the first sense to develop in humans.

Baby Massage Classes

Babies deserve to be nurtured mentally, physically and emotionally. All children deserve respect and to not only be told that they are loved, but shown that they are loved. As simple as it seems, a daily massage provides the opportunity to encompass all of these things.

So much more than simple stroking, baby massage empowers parents and care givers through confidence and peace of mind – knowing that you yourself can do something that is of great benefit for your child.

How to start your Baby Massage journey...

Soul has 3 ways for you to learn and enjoy Baby Massage. Making it affordable on any budget and is a great option as a gift for Mothers or Fathers Day, Baby Shower or even Baby's first Christmas or Birthday.

Introduction to Baby Massage class - A 1 hour class to teach you the basics to get started (see below for class details).

Complete Group course - A weekly 1 hour class run over a 3 week period.

Private In-home course - In the privacy and comfort of your on home and in familiar surroundings for your baby, two 90 minute classes run over a 2 week period.

An Introduction to Baby Massage

(1 hour class)

For parents who would like to know the basics of infant massage to get started. Learn basic massage techniques, recognising baby's signals in regards to when they do and don't want massage, contraindications and appropriate oils for infant and childhood massage.

A chance to meet a-like Mums and Dads, get started practising some basic massage techniques, ask questions and get a feel for how the Group or Private in-home courses are run. A chance to sample some locally made lactation biscuits and teas.

Cost $20 (per family)

Class includes a sample bag with some beautiful natural and organic product samples to help you and baby through the first couple of months, supplied by our sponsor BaoBag.