A tailored Baby Massage course run over 2 weeks, in the privacy & comfort of your own home and in familiar surroundings for your baby.

Get 1-on-1 attention that is specific to your baby’s needs and circumstance.

Learn massage techniques and sequences to help colic, wind & constipation. Lymphatic movements to help strengthen the immune system & exercises to help enhance co-ordination and increase lymphatic circulation.


  • Appropriate oils to use on babies.
  • Permission sequence.
  • Contraindications (situations where massage should be avoided).
  • Parent relaxation.
  • Benefits of infant massage.
  • Recognising baby’s daily cycle and the best time to massage.
  • Recognising baby’s signals in regards to when they do and don’t want massage.
  • Bonding.
  • Full body massage sequence (broken up into stages over 2 weeks) including: feet, legs, buttocks, abdomen, chest, arms, face, head and back.
  • Touch relaxation techniques (useful for nappy changing, crying & unsettled baby)
  • Developing massage strokes to suit your growing child.
  • Discussion on colic.
  • Strokes to prevent and relieve colic, wind and constipation.
  • Exercises to keep baby flexible and assist lymphatic drainage.

Cost: $200

Course fees include:

“Baby Massage Pack” – Instruction guide, DVD & Organic massage oil (value $72)

Lactation Tea & Biscuits and BaoBag with beautiful natural and organic sample products, useful for mum & bubs during those first few months.

Follow up consultation to check in and ask any questions that may arise over the weeks after completing the course.