Baby Massage ~ More than just simple strokes

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Your Online Baby Massage course.

During this course you will learn how to massage each body part, specific sequences to help with wind, colic & constipation.

Learn about the nervous system, types of oils recommended for massage and the positioning of your hands to get the best out of your massage time.

You will meet some amazing women and ‘Mums in Business’ who will share some tips and tricks when it comes to parenting, seeking sleep help or navigating your child’s health when it comes to starting childcare or school.

The course consists of modules with numerous topics/lessons to complete inside these modules. These can be completed at your own pace, don’t worry if you feel like there is a lot to get through, some lessons may only be a 2 minute video. Each of these modules will introduce you to massage techniques for different area of the body.

I have designed this course to be completed over a few weeks, allowing your baby to get used to the introduction of touch therapy and also allow you to get familiar and confident with the techniques and strokes.

Included in this course is my full Step-by-Step guide to Baby Massage. This will be a downloadable PDF. Having this guide will allow you to come back to these techniques and refresh your memory for MANY more babies to come!

~ Steff, 9 week old baby ~

Best baby investment EVER! It is such a great bonding time and knowing you are doing the best you can for your bubs is so rewarding!”

Be part of something truly SPECIAL for YOU and YOUR baby.

This online course is currently getting a make-over & an update! Course will RE-LAUNCH at the beginning of FEBRUARY 2024!