Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy is a very exciting and at times a challenging time for women.

It creates many physical and emotional changes for the whole body.

Massage offers you (the mother) time to embrace your pregnancy, rest, recharge and a chance to connect your mind & body to your baby.

Using long, relaxing and calming strokes as well as uplifting kneading massage techniques to help you with energy through out the day and aid in finding restful, deep and comfortable sleep at night.

Mobilisation and gentle stretching techniques will help alleviate any aches or pains and muscular discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy; hip and lower back pain, leg cramps, muscle tightness, neck pain, headaches and oedema (swelling).

Postnatal Massage

The use of these gentle massage techniques are also beneficial as your body recovers post birth.

Postural discomfort from feeding and nursing is one of the most common complaints I treat post-natally. 

Hot stones and abdominal massage is a beautiful way to give thanks and gratitude toward your body for providing a safe home for your baby to grow and be nourished.

Cushions and bolsters are used to support and help protect breast tissue and healing caesarian birth bellies, while you adapt to being able to lay prone (on your front) again.

In-home treatments can be arranged on request (limited bookings)

Feel supported by the nurturing hands of one mother to another.

Pregnancy Massage – $125

(75 minute appointment)

Pregnancy Massage – $145

(90 minute appointment)

Post Natal Massage – $105

(60 minute appointment)

Post Natal Massage – $140

(90 minute appointment)